Digital display graphics

Need images for your congregations PowerPoint slideshow or digital monitors? Download individual PowerPoint graphics promoting WELS ministries each month.

WELS Annual Report 2018Download 
New missions initiatives graphicDownload 
Commission on Congregational Counseling graphicDownload 
Chaplain Certification Program graphicDownload 
Care Committee for Called Workers graphicDownload 
CAR Texas Disaster Relief graphicDownload 
Michigan Lutheran Seminary graphicDownload 
Missions Speakers graphicDownload 
WELS Locator graphicsDownload 
WELS Church Extension Fund graphicsDownload 
MLC Congregational Partnership Grant ProgramDownload 
ALS graphicsDownload 
A Return To Grace graphicsDownload 
WELS Visitor Center and Archive graphicsDownload 
Brazil PowerPoint slideshowDownload 
CELC graphicsDownload 
Every Neighbor Every Nation PowerPoint slideshowDownload 
Called by Christ graphicsDownload 
Ministry to the Military graphicsDownload 
Telling the Next Generation graphicsDownload 
Every Neighbor, Every Nation graphicsDownload 
Missions Special Issue of Forward in Christ graphicsDownload 
Congregational Giving Counselor directory graphics - Meet your WELS Christian giving counselorsDownload 
CAR - Home Missions graphicsDownload 
Academia Cristo graphicsDownload 
Multi-Language Publications graphicsDownload 
Ministerial Education graphicsDownload 
Everyday Bible Study SeriesDownload 
Campus Ministry graphicsDownload 
Transformed: Devotions connecting teens to Christ graphicsDownload 
Christian Aid & Relief graphicsDownload 
My Son, My Savior graphicsDownload 
Heart to Heart: Parent Conversations graphicsDownload 
School of Outreach graphicsDownload 
Together graphicsDownload 
Forward in Christ graphicsDownload 
WELS app graphicsDownload 
Social Media graphicsDownload 
Marriage Enrichment graphicsDownload 
Ukraine PowerPoint slideshowDownload 
Zambia PowerPoint slideshowDownload 
Colombia PowerPoint slideshowDownload 
Bulgaria PowerPoint slideshowDownload 
New Missions Explorations PowerPoint slideshowDownload 
Bolivia PowerPoint slideshowDownload 
Cameroon PowerPoint slideshowDownload 
Japan PowerPoint slideshowDownload 
India PowerPoint slideshowDownload 
Albania PowerPoint slideshowDownload 
Nepal PowerPoint slideshowDownload 
Thailand PowerPoint slideshowDownload 
Apacheland PowerPoint slideshowDownload 
Mexico Missions slideshowDownload 
Russia Missions slideshowDownload 
Malawi Missions slideshowDownload 
Hong Kong Missions slideshowDownload 
Nigeria Missions slideshowDownload 
Cross-cultural Missions slideshowDownload