WELS Yearbook application

If you and your organization are interested in being included in the "affiliated ministries" section of the synod yearbook and on the WELS Web site, WELS Communication Services on behalf of the Conference of Presidents is requesting you to submit an application. Basic information about qualifying WELS-affiliated entities will be listed in the synod Yearbook in an effort to publicize their ministries and services. To better understand your organization we are asking you to also provide the following:
1. In 100 words or less, describe your organization’s nature, purpose or mission.
2. List Web site address of your organization.
3. Enclose a copy of your constitution and bylaws.

Your organization must also agree to the following criteria and submit the application.
1. An organization will clearly identify itself as a WELS/ELS organization in its charter and be run by WELS/ELS members – for example, the director and governing board members must be WELS/ELS members.
2. An organization will have a constitution and bylaws with clearly defined descriptions of governance, function, and accountability. The constitution must have been approved by the district committee on constitutional matters.
3. An organization will recognize that it is under the doctrinal supervision of the district president.
4. National organizations will be responsible to the district president where the chairman or other leader of the organization resides.
5. An organization will recognize that it is totally responsible for its own financial affairs.
6. An organization shall not represent itself as an agent of or spokesperson for WELS.
7. An organization shall not be in conflict or competition with any ongoing ministry established by the synod constitution or synod convention. Instead, it will strive to work in concert with existing ministries.
8. An organization must be not-for-profit.
9. An organization will identify its affiliation with WELS in its print and electronic promotions and communications.

You may e-mail your materials to me at the address listed below.

If you have any questions regarding your application, please do not hesitate to contact Communication Services via e-mail or by phone: 414-256-3230.

Lee Hitter
Director, Communication Services
[email protected]



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