December 2015 Ministry Media Kit

Each month WELS Communication Services is providing images, PowerPoint slides, and re-printable bulletin blurbs to help share information about WELS ministry work with your congregation.

The JPG and PowerPoint images were designed to work on digital display screens and projected announcements, while the re-printable bulletin blurbs and prayers can be simply copied and pasted from a Word document.

Communication Services is pleased to be able to offer a monthly library of resources that shows WELS members how we walk together as a synod.

Even more images and Missions slideshows can be found at

Downloadable resources

WELS Christian Aid and Relief PowerPoint and JPG graphicsDownload
Printable bulletin blurbsDownload
Printable prayersDownload
Albania Missions PowerPoint presentationDownload website PowerPoint graphicDownload website jpgDownload
WELS Together e-newsletter PowerPoint graphicDownload
WELS Together e-newsletter jpgDownload
WELS social media PowerPoint graphicDownload
WELS social media jpgDownload
Forward in Christ magazine PowerPoint graphicDownload
Forward in Christ magazine jpgDownload
Heart to Heart: parenting conversations PowerPoint graphicDownload
Heart to Heart: parenting conversations jpgDownload
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