WELS logo guidelines and files

The logo is the exclusive property of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod and may not be used without its express consent.

WELS Communications Services has granted permission to the following organizations and individuals to use the logo, in conformance with the WELS Identity Guidelines:

  • Member congregations and schools—and pastors, staff ministers, faculty, teachers, staff members, laypeople, or design professionals acting on their behalf.
  • Synod subsidiaries (WELS Church Extension Fund, WELS Foundation, WELS Investment Funds, Northwestern Publishing House, Benefit Plans).
  • Parasynodical organizations whose work directly supports the synod’s ministry (Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society, WELS Kingdom Workers).

Other WELS-affiliated organizations may use the logo, but only after first securing permission from WELS Communication Services.

The license granted by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod to use the logo is non-exclusive and is revocable at the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod’s sole discretion.

Conditions of use
The logo may be used only in conformity with the WELS Identity Guidelines.

Northwestern Publishing House has been given exclusive license to sell products featuring the logo. However, if you wish to sell items at cost or as giveaways (coffee mugs, T-shirts, etc.) or use such items to identify members (car decals, bumper stickers, lapel pins, etc.) within your congregation or organization, you may do so.

The logo may not be used by Web sites other than those of organizations mentioned above. Unofficial Web sites, though operated by WELS laypeople or called WELS pastors or other professional church workers, may not use the logo unless their sites carry the official, stated endorsement of a WELS district, congregation, or group of congregations.

Private businesses may not use the logo, nor may WELS congregational members use the logo for business or personal use. Rare exceptions may be made only after consultation with, and securing the permission from, WELS Communication Services.

If Communication Services requests, you will agree to submit for review representative samples of advertisements, promotional literature and materials, artwork, press releases, public relations material, brochures, Web pages, and other materials on which you use or intend to use the logo. If such samples, or other examples brought to our attention, do not conform to WELS Identity Guidelines, you agree to work with WELS Communication Services to find a workable solution.

Additional versions of the logo are available. To request the logo in another format, or for questions regarding the logo and its usage, contact us.